It is really simple.

Create your account and confirm your email

Register your website;

copy the TGP code (it is an iframe) and paste* it in your homepage or another page with high traffic (more impressions you generate, more galleries you can add; default is three galleries per day);

Be sure to insert the correct URL in which you inserted the TGP code in the User data area;

Wait for the account activation (usually in less than 24 hours);

Now you can insert links to your galleries or your videos; for each "post" (either a gallery or a video) you will provide:
1) a link to a thumbnail (minimum width 72px)
2) a link to the gallery or video

You will be able to post up to 3 items (either gallery or video links) per day. Once you reach 10,000 impressions of the TGP on your website, you will be upgraded to 4 posts per day; after the 20,000 impressions, you will be able to make 5 posts per day.

You can register more than a website, under your main account, and manage each website separately (i.e. add posts for different websites, each of them with a separate post limit, so, by default, 3 for each website you have registered)

The TGP will show in a random way the posts with LESS impressions, so that in short time every post will have the same exposure

You will be able to see the stats related to your account: total impressions of your TGP, total impressions and click on your posts


* How to insert the code into Wordpress:

You can either

- paste the code in any given page, or

- create a widget, name it "TGP", paste the code as "text" into it, then add the widget on the Homepage space, preferably above the fold

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